Special Guest DJ Baby G at Body Rock April 6th

It feels like a long five weeks since we last got down at Body Rock, but no worries it’s going down tonight! The Chief Rocker DJ Baby G will be on deck at Body Rock tonight!

DJ Baby G & Mel are my two biggest influences that astounded me with their mixing, crowd control, and consistency. I didn’t hear many DJ’s, if any growing up, so the bubbling scene of Austin Hip Hop in the late 90’s was my first experience. I specifically remember getting lost in wonder as I heard them effortlessly blend records (pre-serato…they were using actual records) and the crowd at Nasty’s loving every minute of it!

Those first experiences have always stuck w/me and shaped my approach to djing….and I hope they always do! Last night I came across this live mix of Baby G & Nick Nack doing a live 2×4 set at Rootdown in Austin (circa 2002), and it was a shining example of Austin DJ culture in the early 2000’s. You would be hard pressed to find dj’s in Austin in 2012 with this level of execution. Great scratching, mixing, and doubles with a focus on a steady beat for the dancefloor. You can also hear a couple of live blends (a.k.a mashups) executed live and this was all done with actual records…..

In 2012, the caliber of the DJ scene in Austin has dropped, but at Body Rock we strive to keep the quality high & the dance floor packed, which is why I feel that having Baby G at Body Rock will be a perfect match. Tonight you can come and get a taste of DJ baby G….one of the main reasons that chorizo funk came to be. FB || Fusicology

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