Body rock June 9th ALL WAX ALL NIGHT


So for Body Rock this summer, I’m going to do all vinyl!!! I’ve been playing alot of vinyl and decided that Body Rock will be perfect spot to get more vinyl in the mix.

Serato (and other digital software) is amazing I use it and will continue to use it. But I also love vinyl and have continued to cop and play wax since Serato. Some folks feel that it (Serato) is a step backwards for the art of djing/turntablism. I don’t agree. I love the fact that it opens up brand new possibilities for mixing/djing/turntablism. On the other hand djing with vinyl only (no computer involved) also presents its own uniqueness/possibilities. There are things that a digital vinyl system can’t replicate and vice versa. I feel like I can rock a good set with wax or serato, and I think that makes me a better dj in the end than if i only used one or the other.

However, we do need more balance between wax and digital djing for the sake of the art form. I worry about it when I realize that now cats are learning to dj without using their ear to beat match. If you can only beat match and mix by staring at your computer screen, sorry you gonna lose in the end.

That’s like never taking your training wheels off when you were five and learning to ride a bike. I understand that there are alot of cornballs who “dj” and could care less about the artform, but if you love the craft of djing don’t forget the stax of wax…….

I’ll have special guest for the July date. DJ Chicken George will the guest for August.

Big shout to Breakaway Records & Backspin Records

It’s like that yall & that’s all

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