Chorizo Chunks Vol. 2


I’m back with some more goodness! Last week I Played @ the BBoy City Planet Rock Party. A bboy/bgirl competition/party. I got a clip of my set from that night. Mostly all funk, hard drum breaks…..and a splash of hip hop…. Dance Sucka!!!!

Right-Click on image to download or listen below:


Stay Up!

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11 thoughts on “Chorizo Chunks Vol. 2

  1. smaals on said:

    this mix is nasty! I almost attempted a windmill….then I realized I am not 8 anymore

  2. Damn clean! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll yeah!!! Ugh!

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  4. hobo d on said:

    nice one man!

  5. KiDD-Quiet on said:

    This is some DOPE! SHIT! yo this is what im lookin for man and ur one of the sickest DJS ever yo Stay Up homie peace.

    KiDD Quiet.

  6. You one of my favorites in this damn hot ass rat butt of a town. keep it going!

  7. Chun Roc on said:

    how i want to download this?right click the image and?

  8. Chun Roc on said: works now..thanks…
    peace ^^

  9. Bboy jalapeno on said:

    nice i like good practice music!!!! KAOS BBOYS HOUSTON TX!

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