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What up fam in Internet land….I just got home from doing the first night of the hip hop theatre explosion hosted by Zel Miller III (check previous post for more info and links). It was off the chain! We got two more night so if you are in Austin Don’t Sleep! There is alot of talent and young energy in the show. It’s very refreshing to see younger generations doing hip hop and doin’ it well. Youngsta’s stay on the grind cuz it is a grind…..but hey you got alot of energy and support! Stay up! Here’s a pic from the night. It’s Mista Mo on the beatbox:


Sorry about the tangent…So One of the first volumes of the Chorizo FM series is a Crown City Rockers set. A live hip hop band i have been a big fan of since the day i heard them. I first heard them on an internet radio show called basementalism (fellas what up! I still want a copy of the set i did for yall! holla!) back in like 2000 i think. Great muscianship, great emceeing…it’s feel good music…..give it a listen

Crown City Rockers:

Crown City Rockers is a genre-blending collec tive whose music is all together original, powerful and provocative. With an organic blend of lush, funk-drenched grooves, rivet ing classic soul samples, sharp live instrumentation and old-school rhymes, Crown City Rockers is a welcome breath of fresh air in today’s commercially cluttered musical cosmos.

Comprised of stellar emcee Raashan Ahmad, producer Woodstock, keyboardist Kat O1O, bassist/produc er Headnodic, and drum mer Max MacVeety, Crown City Rockers formed in Beantown’s Roxbury sec tion during the late nine ties and later relocated to Oakland, CA. Reaching astonishing achievement with their two full-length releases, Mission: One and Earthtones they have recorded music that seamlessly fuses all of the group’s sonic facets. The albums overflow with Raashan’s battle raps, poetic musings and emo tionally fraught tracks about life and love. Crown City Rockers has toured the globe extensively, and fostered a passionate fan base throughout the west coast and beyond. Being proclaimed “Best Hip Hop Group in the Bay” by both the San Francisco Weekly and San Francisco Guardian is a testament to their loyal local roots. The Guardian testifies that a Crown City Rockers show “infuses a highly musical sensibility into basic b-boyisms. The six piece outfit throws down for the cause with an admirably honest effort that shows, more than anything else, their dedication to the art form…anyone who’s caught one of their live shows al ready knows the fevered intensity the group can bring.”

Crown City Rockers Mix

click image for download:
Crown City Rockers Mix

I got some other artists in mind for chorizo fm mixtape where i do whole mix of their music….any suggestions???

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